When will the new iPhone 2022 come out

When will the new iPhone 2022 come out, the American company (Apple) announced that it will launch a new device with new and qualitatively different features and updates from the previous devices, and this device will be a new version that simulates development. And modern technology, and Apple has very distinctive devices that are completely different from other companies and have no competitor, knowing that this company is the first in the world in terms of issuing and creating mobile and cellular devices, and this company is very popular in the world and has a large number of branches in all parts of the world. Arab and foreign countries, and with regard to this question, when will the new iPhone 2022 come out. We will talk about all its details now through the following paragraph.

When does the new iPhone come out?

During this current period, many users and lovers of Apple devices are waiting for the new model and version of the new iPhone in order to buy it, especially since there are a large number of people around the world who like change, especially with the modern phone. The reason for this is that these people prefer to use devices with the new version Because they have high capabilities and a very large quality that suits their uses, especially since the company will launch four new versions of the iPhone, and one modern device will be launched during 2022.

Based on the decisions of the American company and its recent release, it will announce the new device during 2022 in the first half of the year, and in another context it will announce the device during the early days of the year, and it is among the most popular. Among the most prominent of those devices that will be announced is the iPhone SE 2plus in addition. The iPhone12 will be announced, and the audience’s focus will be on the model and release of iPhone12pro max, which we will now attach features through the next paragraph.

Features of the new iPhone 12pro max

According to the data received from the global company Apple, it is expected that the iPhone12pro max will be launched in the coming days, and with regard to the iPhone13pro max, it will be announced in the middle of the year 21, and now here are the features of the new iPhone 12pro max we attach to you through the following point:

Processor: Apple A13 Bionic.
Memory: RAM 6 GB.
Internal Storage: 64/256 GB.
Screen: 6.2 inch OLED.
Camera: 12 + 12 mega pixel, dual rear camera.
Operating system: iOS 14.
Screen type: OLED.
Measurement: 6.2 inches.
Ratio: 1:2.165.
Resolution: 2436 x 1125 pixels, Super Retina HD.
Pixel density: 458 pixels per inch.
Acquisition: 82%.
Screen protection: Ion reinforced glass and an oleophobic layer, in order to avoid the appearance of fingerprints on the screen, which is annoying.
Chip: Apple A13 Bionic
Manufacturing precision: 7 nm.
Architectural: 64 bit.
Graphics Processor: Three-core Apple GPU.
RAM: 6 GB.
RAM type: LPDDR4.
Internal Storage: 64/256 GB.

New iPhone 2022 price

According to Apple’s global report, the price of the new device will reach $ 400 directly from the company’s exhibition, which will be announced in the coming days, especially since the device simulates modern technology.

Here we bring you to the conclusion of this article, which is titled When will the new iPhone 2022 come out, we also mentioned to you the features of the new iPhone 12pro max, as we explained to you what is the price of the new iPhone 2022

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