How to create a hashtag on Twitter and Facebook

How to create a hashtag on Twitter:

You can create a hashtag on Twitter by following these steps:

Put a square sign (#) before the word or phrase you want to create a hashtag for, and avoid using spaces or punctuation, a hashtag automatically becomes a clickable link when you post it, so anyone can view and click the hashtag to see the most recent tweets with the same hashtag.

Notes to watch out for when creating a Twitter hashtag:

You should avoid using multiple hashtags in a single tweet, because by typing only 280 characters in a single tweet, a maximum of one or two hashtags can be placed.

You should choose the hashtags related to the topic of the tweet, as you need to make sure that the topic of the tweet and the hashtag have a unique context to influence followers.

Trending topics on Twitter can be found on the left sidebar of the home page, to discover content and accounts with interests related to that word or phrase, and use it to have conversations about it.

How to create a hashtag on Facebook:

You can create a hashtag on Facebook by following these steps:

Type the hashtag (#) with the desired word or phrase, add it to the post and then share it.

Clicking on a hashtag will bring up the posts that have included that hashtag.

Type the hashtag and the word following it as one word, without spaces.

Include numbers in hashtags, but you cannot include punctuation or special symbols ($ and %).

Add hashtags to videos:

You can add hashtag to YouTube videos by following these steps:

Upload the video to post it, then enter the hashtag (#) in the video title or description.

The hashtag will contain a hyperlink in the title and description, and if there are no hashtags in the title, the first three hashtags in the description will appear above the video title.

Ability to click on a hashtag to go to the hashtag search results page to view related videos.

Tips for creating a hashtag:

The following tips can be followed when creating a hashtag:

The hashtag should be simple, legible and easy to remember, avoid being generic and complex, and use only two or three words in all capital letters (when writing the hashtag in English) appropriately to make it more exclusive.

Avoid putting the hashtag in all the words of the tweet, as this method causes inconvenience and confusion for many followers, but it is preferable to use the hashtag at the beginning or end of the tweet.

Avoid using hashtags that have nothing to do with the topic of the tweet.

Avoid using hashtags to talk about old news that has been around for a while; So you need to keep up with the latest topics and interests.

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